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Please fill out this form to apply to be a student for the non-profit organization CodeUnited Global. Submitting this form does not immediately enter your student into the course you selected, but we will inform you as soon as we can. Remember you should only fill this form if the student has access to the internet and a computer.

After you fill this form out, we will send you a follow-up email from our email as soon as we can. If we do not have an opening for you, you will be put on the waitlist.

Our website is:

If you have any questions about this application please feel free to email

You can also like our Facebook page at and follow our Instagram

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CodeUnited Global targets to teach computer science to students who are girls and want to learn computer science but have some challenges in pursuing that dream. Please share if you have tried anything so far, to learn computer science? It's perfectly fine if you never had the opportunity to learn computer science, as long as you are motivated to fulfill your dream. Tell us more about the student and why should they be considered for this free training? *
When will I be able to begin classes?
Submitting this form does not immediately enter your student into the Course(s) you selected, but when there is an available space, we will let you and your student know as soon as we can! Depending on the space available on the Course(s) the student has signed up for, within 1-3 weeks they should be able to start classes. We will let you know as soon as possible if there is an opening for the student to start class! If there is not a spot available you will be put on the waitlist until we can find an opening.
If I am put on the waiting list, how can I be bumped up?
If you are put on the waitlist and would like to be bumped up, for every referral you make to a friend about CodeUnited Global and get them to sign up, once we get their submission saying they signed up as a student and they write in the form that you had referred them for a course, we will bump you up the waiting list.
Were you referred by a friend to sign up? If so, please state their first and last name including their email.
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