SADC Adult Scholarship Form: Stephanie Jacob Scholarship Fund
The Shawl-Anderson Dance Center Stephanie Jacob Scholarship Fund is a need-based scholarship for adult dancers of all ages and levels. The fund was established by Stephanie Jacob and is now supported in part by Ms. Jacob and members of our extended community who share their love of dance with others through donations to the fund.

Applications are currently being accepted on a rolling basis and will be reviewed on Mondays.

Questions? Please write to Artistic Director Jill Randall at Thank you.
Which time frame are you applying for?
Email address:
Phone number:
Mailing address:
How long have you been dancing at Shawl-Anderson Dance Center (in person or online)? Which classes do you usually take? Or are you brand new to SADC?
Please list one or two teachers who can speak to your engagement and curiosity within classes at SADC (if a current student). If not currently training explain prior training or experience if applicable:
Why do you want to train at Shawl-Anderson Dance Center?
Please briefly describe your financial need and why a scholarship will benefit you this semester. All information is confidential. Scholarships can come in the form of an 4-class, 8-class, 12-class, or 16-class card.
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