COPLACDigital Application: The Social Life of Books
This application is for nominated students who are interested in taking COPLACDigital's "The Social Life of Books" course. The first part of this application contains important information about COPLACDigital and the course. The second part of this application is for students to fill out.

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What is the COPLACDigital Project?
The “Digital Liberal Arts at a Distance” project is a Mellon Foundation-funded collaborative effort between member campuses of the Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges (COPLAC). Faculty from a variety of COPLAC institutions will co-teach multi-campus, interdisciplinary digital liberal arts seminars using teleconferencing technology. Students enrolled in the online seminars will undertake community-based research projects and create websites that make their research accessible to the public. They will work with a variety of digital tools to incorporate digital maps, timelines, audio, and video into their work. In addition to the mentoring they will receive from their co-instructors, archivists and instructional technologists at their home institutions will support the students as they conduct research and build their websites. While completing important guided research on their home institutions and communities, student researchers will contribute to the building of the multi-campus digital project site. Students who participate in these classes will take the course as a “for-credit” independent study, pending approval of the department chair at the student’s home institution.
What are the benefits of participating in COPLACDigital?
This project offers students the opportunity to study under digitally-trained scholars from a range of disciplines. Students will benefit from the expertise of faculty in a variety of disciplines, and they will collaborate with students from public liberal arts institutions across North America. Participants will work in a digital medium, develop skills in areas of digital presentation and collaborative research, and hone these important skills for professional success in the new century. Students may pursue opportunities to present their research and websites at a variety of conferences and to publish their findings. The unique distance classroom experience, the collaborative nature of the project, as well as the website that students create, will distinguish participants’ portfolios as they move into the workforce.
About This Course

We read books, they surround us, yet we do not really notice them. In this course we will learn to see books in new ways. Books and the activity of reading bring people together—both across space and time. Indeed, individual books often have "lives" of their own, and the stories of the books can be just as intriguing as the stories found within their pages. Students in this class will uncover the hidden lives of books. They will conduct research in their local archives and use books of their choosing to reconstruct the stories of the people who owned and used them. Students will then explore a variety of digital tools necessary to bring these stories from the shelves to a wider audience.

Student researchers selected for the project will work under the direction of two faculty mentors:
Benjamin Bankhurst, Assistant Professor of History — Shepherd University []
Benjamin Pauley, Professor of English — Eastern Connecticut State University []

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