RAID Events and Capacity Building
Have you been to any of RAID’s events? What do YOU think RAID should be doing? Are we perfect and don’t need to change? Or do you think there are things we could be doing better?

RAID is currently seeking feedback from its members and stakeholders to better understand if its current activities are meeting expectations for networking and capacity building, and if there are areas to further improve how and what RAID delivers.

Feedback is sought from:
- Early to mid-career researchers (EMCRs)
- People responsible for (either directly or indirectly) employing, supervising or mentoring EMCRs

If you don’t fit into either of these categories and you would like to let us know your thoughts, please feel free to complete the survey.

There are two sections to the survey:
1 - Networking Events
2 - Capacity Building Events

This will take you 10 mins. The poll will remain open until COB Friday, 16 June 2017.

Feel free to send further information or any queries to

SECTION 1 - Networking Events
RAID Networking events facilitate networking among young researchers and senior scientists, provide a platform to share stories and information and promote discussions about career pathways in international agricultural research. Over the past few years RAID has supported dozens of events across Australia, including stand-alone events (e.g. picnics and barbeques), larger social events at domestic and international conferences.
What category best describes you job/position?
What state are you based?
Have you been to a RAID networking event before?
IF YES, did you enjoy it? Could it be improved? IF NO, why? e.g. there hasn’t been one near you, bad timing, not interested, etc.
Your answer
What is your preferred style of networking?
Please feel free to leave any additional comments or elaborate on how RAID can help put on your ideal NETWORKING EVENT.
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SECTION 2 - Capacity Building
Each year RAID hosts a professional development workshop to build the capacity of early to mid career researchers pursuing a career in agricultural research for development. In the past RAID has hosted workshops on Video Communications and Mobile Acquired Data.

Let us know what you think and how RAID could change its focus for the future?

What best describes you?
Have you been to a RAID capacity building event before?
IF YES, is there anything that could be done better in the future? IF NO, was there anything stopping you from applying? e.g. resources, time, not interested in workshop topic, etc.
Your answer
What are the capacity building areas RAID should focus on in the future?
If the workshop topic was right, how much time could you reasonably commit to a workshop (or would be willing to send someone from your team)?
If the workshop topic was right, would you be able to cover a registration fee - for yourself or member of your team that is requesting the training?
What is your preferred mode of training delivery?
Please add any additional comments or elaborate more on any question related to RAID's CAPACITY BUILDING
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