Athlete Profile
To complete your Seattle Adaptive Sports Membership the following are needed -

To be completed with online form -
1. Athlete Profile (these questions)
1.a. Athlete Family Information (link provided at the end of Athlete Profile)
2. Membership fee due $50 (payment by PayPal link, check, or cash)

The following forms will need to be printed and signed, email to or turn in to your Team Manager:
3. Team Policies (last page)
4. Athlete Code of Conduct
5. Waiver Release & Media
6. Athlete Compliance
7. Athlete Concussion Fact Sheet and Test (test only)
8. Waiver & Liability Travel Release (youth or adult options)
9. Parent Code of Conduct (minors)

Any questions? Contact Tami English at (206) 963-0916

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