Return to School Parent Survey
The health and safety of our students, staff, and families is our most important goal as we move forward together. This survey is being used to collect information about your current comfort level in sending your child/children to school in the fall. We value your opinion and we understand that families may be in different places with their comfort level at this time.

Please complete a separate form for each school-aged child in your family because your comfort level for one situation/setting might be different than another.

Please know that we will continue to consider and plan accordingly for health and safety as additional guidelines and guidance are provided to us. We will provide you with updates on these considerations as more information becomes available to us from national, state, and local health and education officials and organizations.

Thank you for your continued support during this time.
At which level will your student be attending next year? *
Considering that school may look different when the new school year starts, please mark your return method preference. *
As we reflect on last spring's experience and as we finalize our plans for the upcoming school year, please provide us with feedback on these important items. *
Strongly Agree
Strongly Disagree
The continuous learning model used last spring worked well for our family
Small group instruction with a teacher combined with online learning would be better than strictly online learning
The number of hours my child spent on homework last spring was appropriate
Teacher expectations for my child last spring were appropriate
Daily interaction with teachers in the fall is more important than completing daily online lessons
I believe that parents should be given the option to choose if they want to to have their children attend in-person or remotely
Are there any concerns you have about your child(ren) potentially attending school and/or are there additional precautions we could have in place that would make you feel more comfortable sending your child(ren) to school?
As we finalize our plans for the upcoming school year, are there any concerns you have about online or remote learning and/or are there ways we could improve upon the model we used last spring that would make you feel better about online or remote learning?
Do you have any additional comments or questions?
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