Offline Donation Form
Please fill out this form if you have earned money in some way that you would like to take credit for on your Classy page. For events such as concessions, special events, and fundraisers, you will not need to fill out this form. However if you do your own fundraiser, receive a sponsorship, or earn money for Shriners in some other way like a birthday post on Facebook, then you will need to fill out this form to have that represented on your Classy page.

Every few days, Hannah Thomas, will check this form for responses and email you to receive additional supporting information to ensure that our records are kept accurate and up to date. If you would like to expedite the process, then please fill out this form and email any supporting documents, pictures, or screenshots to show you did earn the money. Such documentation could include a screenshot of your Facebook page for your Facebook birthday fundraiser, or maybe a picture of a check you received for a sponsorship. If you do have a check or some other form of currency, I will need to meet with you to pick up the currency before putting it in the Classy account but we can plan to meet via email, call, or text. If you would like accreditation quickly, you can reach out to Hannah via one of the methods below. If not, Hannah will be reaching out to you within the next few days to ask for supporting information and to meet if needed to receive funds. Thank you for raising money FTK!

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