Lads to Leaders 2019
Please fill out this form before November 10th OR Fill out a sign up sheet found on the table in the Ladies Class Room in the office wing. Those forms will be placed out by November 3rd. If You Fill out a form please fill it out for each child.
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Family Attending (Only Fill out once per family)
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Nights Staying at Convention *
Choose the nights that you will be attending Convention. We cannot change rooms after we sign up.
How can we reach you at convention if Needed?
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Art Says It
Bible Bowl Test - Pre Convention
Bible Bowl Team
Oral Bible Reading
Year Round Bible Reading
Centurion of Scripture
Good Samaritan
Read the Word ( Year Round)
Pearls (Pre Convention)
Puppet Theater
Song Leading
Songs of Praise
Year Round Speech
Mass Media
Year Round Song Leading/Songs of Praise
Year Round - Second Language
GIFTS - Girls in Fellowship and Team Study
Guard - Guys Understanding Authority and Real Discipleship
Know the Books
Junior Leader
Year Round Bulletin Board
Headed to the Office
Year Round Powerpoint
Please fill in any events that were not above, also fill in any Winner's Circle Events
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