Solidarity Pledge: Sustainable Mutual Aid
Please fill out the form below to pledge a monthly contribution to our QTIPOC Survival Fund! Our goal with this pledge drive is to provide our 17 (majority Black + trans) recipients with a reliable source of survival funds each month, for the foreseeable future.

You'll receive one (1) monthly email reminding you that it's time to contribute. Included in each email will be: a direct link to our PayPal (, and updates on our Fund's work/community projects.

Emails will be sent out around the 2nd Friday of each month from our Fund's email: So make sure to check your spam folders!

A huge tenant of our work is wealth re-distribution. With this Solidarity Pledge, our supporters with race and/or wealth + class privilege have an opportunity to begin bridging our LGBTQIA+ community's racial wealth gap.

But mutual aid has historically been a way for (mostly Black + Brown) working-class people to protect each other from government inaction + policy violence. We have included a wide range of pledge amounts to honor that history. So please choose a monthly contribution amount you feel will be equitable + sustainable long-term!

And please be sure to hit the "submit" button at the bottom of the form :)

For more ways to stay in touch, follow us on FB @lgbtqcarrboro + visit our website:
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"WE KEEP US SAFE. INVEST IN BLACK TRANS FOLKS." // Art Credit: @huntythelion
My QTIPOC Survival Fund Solidarity Pledge will be: *
We stand on the shoulders of giants. Grace Lee Boggs taught "the only way to survive is by taking care of each other." Audre Lorde believed “we are powerful BECAUSE we have survived.” Our survival is what lends us our power, but we cannot do it alone! // Art Credit: Cori Lin
Crisis expands our imaginations around what is possible! Powerful communities are born when we each strive to be our best selves. Your support of our QTIPOC Fund is an example of our community's strength + resilience. We have always been what we needed ya'll! // Art Credit: Mary Costello
With us standing in solidarity together, our recipients have a chance to survive the economic devastation of this COVID-19 pandemic. And the continuous pandemics of racism, queer-phobia, and transmisogynoir. There is a new world in our hearts! May we grow back...not to what was, but instead towards what we can become. // Art Credit: Radici Studios
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