Glocal Camp 2016 - Registration form
Glocal Camp is approaching!!!!
We are very close to see our big efforts becoming reality!!!
It is time now to think more about what to expect from the camp and how we will enjoy it.

In this form we will ask you to let us know your expectations, but also your needs and preferences concerning accommodation.

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Would you let us know your mobile phone number?
It is not mandatory, but it will be very useful for logistic in general and to coordinate ourselves during the camp. Please be accurate and indicate your area code - e.g. France (+33) 6 11 11 11 11 / Italy (+39) 111 11 11 111
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What would you like to learn/experience through the Glocal Camp event (16-22 May 2016) in Paris ?
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Which people would you like to connect with?
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How would you like to contribute?
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We are working to offer a free accommodation for people coming from abroad
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Food and Drink
We need to understand the quantity of food and drinks we need to prepare for the GLocal Camp. Thanks our partner Volumes and the cooker Alexandre we can have breakfast, lunch and dinner fresh cooked every day and delivered to our Camp.

To do that we need to be all of us confident in our generosity. We want to avoid any selling system.
The idea is more about make a donation for each meal. So the system would be that each one of us could make a donation a the beginning of the event.

To calculate a donation we suggest you the basic cost of meals and drink, but we will be very pleased if you are going to offer more.
Any single lunch and dinner should be count 4 euros, the breakfast 2 euros.
The drinks is 4 euros per day, it means that you can have drink during all day but it counts as one.

Are you vegetarian?
Are you vegan?
Meals & drink
Please let us know which meal would you like to share with us. We need this information in order to estimate the quantity of meals and drinks we have to prepare each day.

Please indicate for every day which meal do you think you are going to have.

Monday 16th May
Tuesday 17th May
Wednesday 18th May
Thursday 19th May
Friday 20th May
Saturday 21st May
Sunday 22nd May
What do you want to drink? it is not specific about a single meal but more generic about what you would like to drink in those days (you can make multiple choice) to prepare some kind of storage.
Food donation system
You will give the donation directly on the square at the registration point at your arrival.

However we have to estimate how many meals per day we have to prepare and how much we have to buy food and drinks.
So we are asking you to communicate in advance how much you think you are going to donate more or less.

Lunch and dinner cost each 4 euros and the breakfast 2 euros.
We estimated that the cost for drinks is 4 euros per day per person.

Those costs we are suggesting here are a very basic estimates, don't hesitate to give more if you can afford.

Estimate down here the amount of your donation for food & drinks (in €uro)
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