COVID-19 Biomarker entry
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Overview of steps:
1. Go to google scholar and search as per group -
Group 1 "x" biomarker and cancer
Group 2 "y" biomarker and diabetes
Group 3 COVID19 biomarkers. Group 3 will limit the search to 2020.
2. Pick a publication and fill in the details of the publication in this form. Check COVID19_BiomarkerKB: to make sure that the publication you are planning on annotating has not already been annotated. Please do not annotate review articles.
3. Fill in ancillary data like biomarker term acc, Biomarker measurement, Specimen type etc.
4. Notes is a free text which can be used to document any comments regarding the data filled.
5. Submit one form for a single biomarker.
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Specimen type (example: blood (UN: 0000178)) *
Disease name (example: COVID-19 (DOID:0080600)) *
Literature evidence (example: Serial measurement of circulating IL-6 levels may be important in identifying disease progression among COVID-19-infected patients [PMID:32259560].) *
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