Wilde Café Market Research Survey 2022
The purpose of this survey is to determine our customer-base and assist in sales projections. All answers are greatly appreciated! You may remember filling out a similar survey several years ago - we would appreciate it if you would do so again!

Wilde Café is a proposed business to be opened in Red Deer's downtown core. Patrons will be able to enjoy hot and cold speciality drinks and a variety of food items made daily in Wilde's own kitchen using fresh, sustainably-sourced ingredients, in addition to alcoholic beverages after 7pm/8pm.

Wilde Café will act as a primary meeting space for the 2SLGBTQIA+ community of Red Deer and the surrounding area; however, we will accept all patrons so long as they, in turn, accept Wilde Café's commitment to community, tolerance, and sustainability.

Our community is important to us. Wilde Café will be the first space in Red Deer that would provide a space for 2SLGBTQIA+ people to meet and socialise where we can feel safe and accepted year-round, and we have discovered that such a space is sorely needed. Whether it be for studying, dates, or simply meeting friends, we want Wilde Café to be a premiere gathering place in Red Deer, not just for our 2SLGBTQIA+ patrons, but for the whole city.

Wilde Café prides itself on our dedication to sustainability. Our coffee will be sourced from a Native owned and operated roaster that specialises in certified fair trade, and SPP beans. Our teas will be blended exclusively in-house from organic and sustainable sources. We will use compostable and recycled materials whenever possible and limit food waste by implementing employee take-home and pay-what-you-can programs.

This is only a fraction of what we want Wilde Café to be, but we cannot do it without your help. Please complete the survey below to help us make Wilde Café a place Red Deer can be proud of.
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What is your overall perception of Wilde Café as described above?
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What do you like MOST about the described café above? (Short-answer)
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On a scale of 1 - 5 (5 being the highest) how important are the following qualities to you when patroning a Café? *
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Wi-Fi Accessibility
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If the Café described above were available, would you be interested in visiting it?
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How much does Wilde Café's commitment to COMMUNITY influence your decision to go there?
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How much does Wilde Café's commitment to SUSTAINABILITY influence your decision to go there?
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What would be your main reason for visiting Wilde Café (short-answer)
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