Interest Form - Career 1-1 Trainings Workshop [LCAN]
This is an interest form for a planned career 1-1 training workshop which would be run by the Local Career Advice Network and hosted by community builders experienced in running career 1-1s in the late summer or early fall of 2020.

You can read the tentative workshop plan here:

Please ask every person in your group who would be interested in attending this training to fill out the form so that we can gauge the full interest in such a program.

Please fill the form out by Monday June 15th 2020 11:59 PT.
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How long have you been a group organiser? *
How much time per week could you dedicate to career 1-1s (including conducting 1-1s, following up and other related activities)
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How well do you know the existing recommendations on EA cause areas and recommended career paths? What are your weaknesses? *
How much experience have you had conducting career 1-1s? *
Please provide details like: Have you read existing guides or spoken to expeirenced about career 1-1s? How many career 1-1s have you conducted, if any?
What is your group's movement building strategy and how do career 1-1s fit into this? *
What do you hope to gain from attending this workshop? What challenges regarding career 1-1s do you think it could help you and your group address? *
Do you think there are other challenges regarding career 1-1s this workshop may not be able to address? If so, what are they?
Any other comments or questions?
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