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I hereby give Motor Mouth Therapy Services, the absolute right and permission to take, copyright, use, and publish any photographs or video of or concerning my child for the purpose of any MMTS advertising, education, promotion, or other purpose consistent with the MMTS mission. I agree that any such photograph or video is the exclusive property of MMTS, and I hereby waive all rights thereto. I further waive any and all rights to inspect and/or approve any printed material that may be used in conjunction with the photographs or video, or to approve the use to which the photographs or video may be applied. *
Release of Liability
I acknowledge that there is always a risk of injury with any physical activity. I hereby, intending to be legally bound, waive forever all claims for damages against MMTS the owner(s), and the employees/therapists for any and all injuries and losses, including theft, loss of property, or death that I, my son, daughter, or ward may sustain while participating in any and all activities at MMTS. *
Payment, Cancellation and Late Pick up
Payment is due upon registration. If given a 48-hour notice, we can switch your pre-paid registration to a future date. Sorry, no refunds are given. If child is not picked up on time, there is a $15 charge for the first 15 minutes past class time. $2 per minute for each additional minute after 15. *
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