Innocence Trilogy by Stasia Black & Lee Savino
Ardent Prose is delighted to be working with Renee Rose and Lee Savino to bring you their next release, Innocence Trilogy.

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Innocence (a Dark Mafia Romance Book1)

I’m king of the criminal underworld.
I always get what I want.
And she’s my obsession.
Cora is new to the city of sin.
Her innocent blue eyes beg for me to claim her.
But I’m not the billionaire she thinks I am.
There’s a darkness within me.
And Cora is a shining light.
She’s beautiful. A virgin.
I’m ruthless. A beast.
She found me for a reason.
She’ll be my queen.
I’ll give her everything that her heart desires.
Except for one thing.
Her freedom.
She’s mine to keep, and I’m never letting her go.

Note: This is a dark mafia romance with dark and intense sensual scenes. It is the first in a trilogy.

Awakening (a Dark Mafia Romance Book 2)

I wasn't capable of love. Not until I met Cora.
My angel.
I’ve claimed every inch of her body and I only want more.
I’m a man who craves control, but her power over me is absolute.
She holds my heart in her hands.
She can never find out.
The demons in this city want to destroy her.
It’s my job to protect her innocence. Lock her safe in my high tower.
But I’m the danger that she’s trying to escape.
The ruthless man in her bed.
A demon worse than all the others.
One who cannot save her from himself.

Queen of the Underworld (a Dark Mafia Romance Book3)

The King of the Underworld saved me from the streets, treated me like a princess, and locked me in a tower.
Then he turned into a beast.
There's a darkness in him, I've seen it face to face.
He says I'm his light.
But if our love is going to last I'm going to have to be more than his princess.
I need to become a Queen.

The final chapter in Marcus and Cora's story.

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