DECA Inaugural Invitational Grant Application
This application will serve as the application form for a chapter president to submit on behalf of their chapter who have planned on executing their inaugural invitational. The purpose of the grant application is to serve chapters who demonstrate financial need to be able to execute your invitational.

DECA U is committed to to make the University and College chapters considering executing an invitational event more accessible to those who face financial challenges by supplementing other funding resources such as sponsorship.

To be considered for the Needs-Based Invitational Grant, applicants must demonstrate:

1. Registered Chapter in DECA U Ontario

2. Active in the DECA community [ie. Planning on attending Provincials, Other Invitationals, etc.]

3. Have a prepared Schedule of Events for your Chapter's inaugural event

4. Demonstrate Financial Need [ie. Show current revenue streams, and estimated expenses for invitational event]

5. Your chapter has never been involved in inviting an existing chapter to an event hosted by your university/college

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