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How can we help you? ( Before the BIG DAY )
Do you need help in sourcing out vendors?
Do you need someone who can confirm your guests?
Do you need someone to check if you have missed anything with the service you have contracted from your photo &/ video vendor?
Do you need someone to check if the technical requirements ( sounds and lights ) of your choir, musicians, photo &/ video, stylist and emcee are met?
Do you want to know if you overlooked anything about the reception? Such as : is the layout set enough or would you like to see other options? would the centerpiece match the the theme and motif? Do the table cloths, runners, toppers match the centerpiece?
Do you need to consult someone if your chosen viands complement the others in your menu?
Do you need assistance with your songs for the ceremony and reception?
Do you need someone to confirm your bookings with all the vendors who are coming on the day of the event?
Would you need help in formulating the program?
Would you need to consult someone with regards to concerns with some of your guests and your guestl ist?
Would you need someone to check if everything is A-OK before the BIG DAY?
Are you considering to get a planner?
How can we assist you on-site? ( The Big Day )
Would you need your coordinating team at your bridal room / debutante's room?
Would you need someone to check on the arrival of suppliers at the bridal room / debutante's room
Would you need someone to facilitate the crew meals?
Do you need someone to check if you brought all the things for the wedding and reception at the bridal room? To do go over a checklist?
The flowers have arrived, do you need someone to check if all the flowers for the entourage has been delivered according to what was agreed upon?
Do you need someone to transport these wedding accessories and reception items to the ceremony site and reception site respectively?
Do you need someone to check on the ceremony site set up? Has the flowers, musicians and celebrant arrived? Are the mics working? Do the musicians recall what your chosen songs are?
Would you need someone to oversee the facilitation of the processional lines and offertory lines?
Would you want an organized photo op?
Would you need someone to check the reception setup? Is the food ready? is the reception setup according to what has been agreed upon? Has the entertainment arrived? Are the tables arranged according to plan?
Would you like someone to receive the guests on your behalf? Be told of their table assignments? Advise them to have their cocktails or play around with the photobooth?
Would you want to monitor the influx of your guests?
Do you want your program organized and to be done smoothly?
Would you like to have a list of those who have given their presents?
Would you want to make sure that the guestbook is passed around and have all your guests signed in?
Would you like someone to monitor the bottles of alcohol being distributed?
Would you want someone to look over the distribution of left over food?
Do you want someone to check if your suppliers have eaten?
Do you want to make sure that the sounds tech guy has all the songs that you requested?
Would you want the other vendors to approach you for concerns on your special day?
Would you want someone to look over these details and concerns and troubleshoot, if necessary?
Would you want a professional to handle these details?
How else would you like us to assist you before and during your big day? What are your particular concerns for your special day? *
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Do you have any reservations in getting a planner? Please tell us why.
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