Vaavud: Iterating your product strategy with user surveys

How to figure out which features your users want the most, and whether they will pay for them

Vaavud is on a mission to provide high-resolution, personalized weather data. Vaavud has users in more than 150 countries, and based on the crowdsourced data from these users Vaavud is working on making better ultra-local forecasts for sailors, kitesurfers, drone pilots, farmers and many others. Vaavud has iterated their product strategy several times in order to best serve the needs of each of these diverse user segments. This talk will go over some very practical examples of how to survey your users about which features to build, how much they will pay for them and what you can learn from the survey results.

Talk 9.00-9.45 by Co-founder and CEO of Vaavud, Thomas Helms

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