2020 Engineer Volunteer Sign-Up
Thank you for signing up to participate in the 2020 Engineers in Real Life on February 1, 2020 from 9-noon at Clear Lake High School. Your personal information will not be shared or published
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Will you need access to an electrical outlet?
There are only a few outlets available in the room, but we want to make sure those who need them have access to them.
Please list any other special accommodations you may need. (We do not have access to a/v equipment.)
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Information for Thank You letters.
We like to make sure your company knows how much your participation means to us. Please give us the name and contact information of your manager or human resources person or whomever we should to send the letter to. We send it as a paper letter, so please include the mailing address. You may include information for more than one person.
To whom may we send a Thank You letter for your participation? Please include the mailing address.
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