Donation of Services, Goods, and Livestock
Essex North Shore Agricultural & Technical School is a vocational technical and agricultural high school located in Hathorne, MA. At times, the school welcomes donations as educational tools for our learning labs. We thank you for considering donating to our purpose of educating students for the workforce. Donations can help defray the costs of materials within the operating budget. Please note the following when completing this form and before making a decision to donate:
1. Automobiles over 10 years old are not permissible for training purposes. A valid title is required.
2. Materials must be appropriate for the instruction and serve the purposes of education as noted in the MA DESE Curriculum Frameworks for vocational technical education.
3. Equipment must be in good working condition with appropriate guards and disconnects.
4. Livestock or any animals must be in good health, have certificate of good health from a veterinarian, be visited by the staff at Essex North Shore Agricultural & Technical School to view existing living conditions, and transported to the school from the donor. Further, if the livestock or animal is not working out for the benefit of the students, it may be returned to the original owner at the cost of the owner.

Once the donation is determined to meet the educational purpose for our students, it will be formally presented to the school committee for final approval.

We thank you for your generosity in serving our students at Essex North Shore Agricultural & Technical School.

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