Know your Business Numbers EQUATION
To achieve a business number, you should first know and understand them.
What's your Annual Sales Targets (A) ( in Lakhs)? *
Divide it by 12 and Get your monthly Sales Target (B). *
What's your Average Product/Service Price(C)? *
Now Divide the monthly Sales Target by the average product/service Price.( Divide B by C) to get your SALES NUMBERS (D). D = B/C *
Multiply the SALES NUMBERS (D) by 10 to get Required QUALITY LEAD NUMBERS (E). E = 10 X D *
Now Get your REACH NUMBERS (F) by multiplying the QUALITY LEAD NUMBERS by 10. F = 10 x E *
Arrange these numbers as F:E:D. This becomes your BUSINESS NUMBERS EQUATION. *
You did it. Thank you for taking this exercise Would love to know your name . *
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