RSVP for 2019-2020 IDEA Important Summer Meetings & Orientations
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Thank you for allowing us to support you in your educational journey for the coming year! This form is provided to allow you the option to sign up for meetings scheduled during the summer (so far).

General Orientation: If you are a new family, or a family in IDEA that missed an Orientation, you’ll want to take the opportunity to attend at least one General Orientation!

High School families are best served when they come to both the General Orientation and the High School Orientation.

The FAST training sessions depend on your interest or need. (All meetings will save you time and are highly recommended :-)! Meetings take place at the IDEA Office, 670 West Fireweed Lane, Suite 110 (Between Alaska Textiles and Arctic Blvd.).

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New Family General / K-8 Orientations for K-8 and High School Parents:
We will cover information that is included in the IDEA Parent Handbook online. The meeting is an hour and 1/2 long and the lights are turned down for a power point presentation. Most children are more comfortable if they can visit with a friend. Some folks will want or need to bring their children – children are always welcome. Thank you for letting your child know in advance that this is your time to listen and for remembering to bring something that will encourage them to play quietly so that others can listen.
High School Orientation:
The High School Orientation will give you a good grasp of the options and resources available to high school students. Plus, we’ll discuss timelines and needed paperwork. We’ll cover activities, scholarships and competitions. You’ll receive a summary of the most current IDEA High School Handbook that is posted online. High School Students are welcome and encouraged to attend. If you have students in 8th grade who are thinking towards high school, they are allowed to come.
Family Allotment System Tracker (FAST) Hands-On Ordering & Reimbursement Meetings
The Ordering & Reimbursement Meetings are an opportunity to get comfortable with FAST in a group setting. You'll receive printed hand-outs and a visual aid designed to help you with keying your instructional costs into FAST. Consider bringing your own wifi capable computer or tablet.  Please bring your order information (name of vendor, item numbers if possible) and/or your receipts & packing slips or internet bills….and we’ll help to key your instructional costs into FAST to order or request reimbursement! Get reimbursements faster through Direct Deposit (bring a voided check with you to the office). Don't have any orders or reimbursements? You can audit and join the fun! Upon request, a few computers are available for your use. Be sure to request one below.
Hands-On Individual Learning Plan Help
Check the box to come to one or come to both! 1:00 to 1:30 Tips and Strategies - This hands-on workshop will give you confidence in filling out the form that is available on the family section of the website....and offers tips for filling it out that save you time and money. | 1:30 to 3:30 Hands -On Help from Contact Teachers and Staff - It is followed by hands-on help with your preference in doing the ILP (digitally or hand-written). If you do not have a computer or tablet, there are a limited number available at the office.
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