Club #Whatever Dancer Application
If you have this application, It means you are interested in working for a unique place geared to making our guests feel special and wanting more.

Below you will find some standard questions to help us to get an idea of who you are and how you might fit in at the club.

Don't forget to save this notecard and rename it with your full name (first and last) as the title Remember, as you are filling the application out, just be yourself.
Second Life Log In Name *
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SL Age (or how long you have been in SL) *
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RL Age (no one under 18, please) *
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Best way to contact you *
Languages spoken *
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How did you find us? *
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Please check the time frame you are available for: This is not a specific, just a rough idea for us. This is in SLT *
What is the minimum amount of time you can work at the club per week?: *
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Please provide a brief description of your SL work experience. If none, how would you learn? *
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What unique quality would you be able to bring to the club? *
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Are you able to interact with customers no matter their age in SL? *
Are you able to keep the crowd chatting it up in local? *
If a customer tipped you 300L$, please give a sample of the emote that you would use to show your appreciation. *
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While we are all about using our words and imagination to make our guests recognize they are important, it is also important to look the part. We ask that you have a general understanding of using SL and moving around as well as a decent appearance.

After we receive your application, you will be asked to interview with our dancer manager. Expect the interview to last approximately 30 minutes. Please show up at the club as you would if you were going to work.
I hearby certify that I am an adult and 18 years or older in real life: *
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