2012 YSP Application
Please fill this form out clearly and completely to ensure that we will be able to contact you. INCOMPLETE FORMS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED! <br><br> Once you have completed the online form, please submit the following: <br><br>
- A current portrait-style wallet sized photo of yourself. [Digital photos may be sent to youthsingpraise@gmail.com]<br>
- Record yourself on DVD (or you can upload a video online and send us the link) and include the following:<br>
Introduce yourself.<br>
Sing "Happy Birthday to You" A Cappella.<br>
Basses & Altos start on "C".<br>
Tenors & Sopranos start on "E Flat" or higher.<br>
Sing a Broadway or liturgical song, accompanied by guitar or keyboard or recording thereof. No A Cappella performances will be considered. <br>
Demonstrate your vocal range. (lowest note to highest note - no scales please) <br>
Demonstrate other talents (juggling, dancing, mime, etc). <br>
Have fun and be yourself! <br>
- Include a letter of recommendation, from either Option A <i>or</i> B (using forms provided). Be sure to include name, address, phone and position for recommendation. <br>
Option A - Your music coordinator, voice teacher, choir director or someone who has witnessed your musical development. <br>
Option B - Your youth minister, campus minister, priest or someone who has witnessed your spiritual development. <br>
- Write an original short letter (include your name and age) describing: <br>
Your relationship with God and your peers<br>
How you found out about YSP<br>
Why you wish to attend YSP<br><br>
- Send Parental Consent Form<br><br>
Please send to: YSP Foundation, Inc, 4240 Castleman Ave, Third Floor, St. Louis, MO 63110
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Talent History
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