Creative Computing with Scratch -- Introduction
Scratch is the world’s most popular visual programming platform. Yes, you can create animations, games, and interactive stories just by dragging-and-dropping blocks visually. Just like lego, but more powerful and unlimited. In this session, I will introduce you and your youngsters to the world for scratch. You will learn what is scratch, why it is important, what can you do with it. You will see live demos and also you will get some hand-on experience of scratch programming. Programming is easy, even a five year old can do it.

The goal of this session is for you to know Scratch and get information about where to learn more about it.
Learning with Scratch

The session is free.


9:30am to 11: 30am, Sunday, Sept 10, 2017

Alpha STEM for the Gifted

Due to limited space, this even is limited to the first 30 registered familiars.
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