Design For America - Alabama
Get excited! Completing this application is the first step on your journey to becoming a design thinker and social entrepreneur.

Design for America is an organization comprised of passionate students from all branches of academia motivated to solve real world problems through creative and sustainable solutions. We accomplish this by using the Design Thinking Process, which is a human-centered method of problem solving. We start by identifying a user group and a problem space for the group. Next, through interviews and experiential learning, we get as hands-on as possible with the user group to learn about their specific, addressable problems. Then we brainstorm solutions, and finally create and test those solutions for effectiveness, adjusting our approach as needed.

No specific design experience is required - just a desire to think outside-the-box, work in groups, and grow with others!

To create successful products and programs, DFA partners with an assortment of local organizations across the state, as well as faculty mentors at the University. These partners are there to help us accomplish our goals, and help our teams shine as local leaders.

Our foremost priority as a studio is to develop YOU: as a team member, design-thinker, and leader. We ask that you be honest with us about your abilities and limitations (we will return the favor).

DFA is a commitment. Full stop. We like to say that it is like adding a 3-credit-hour course. We ask that you consider your time commitments and communicate them promptly and openly.

Once we have received and reviewed your application, we will reach out regarding your application's status and (if applicable) next steps. We move pretty fast (read: NASCAR fast) around here, so please be sure to check your email frequently.

We anticipate this application taking 15-distraction-free-minutes. This is not a college application, don't sweat too much about the small stuff. The first thing we look for is a good fit for culture, so try and let your personality shine through and show us who YOU are.

Thank you for your interest in Design For America - Alabama!
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