Survey for Landlords
Please fill out the following survey to gauge your interest in energy efficiency and how effective this website is for you.
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1. How energy efficient is your building(s) already? *
Not Very
2. Does your building(s) have LED or CFL lightbulbs? *
3.  Does your building(s) have Energy Star appliances? *
4. If your answer to Question 3 was no, do you know about Energy Star appliances?
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5. Does your building(s) get clean energy through your utility company? *
6. If your answer to Question 5 was no, are you interested in getting clean energy through your utility company for your building(s)?
Not Very
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7. Does your building(s) have weatherized windows*? *
(*recently replaced, double-paned, Energy Star rated, etc.)
8. Is your building(s) typically too hot or too cold? *
9. Has your building(s) received an Energy Assessment? *
10. Are you interested in making your building(s) more energy efficient? *
11.  Would you be willing to encourage your tenants to make their living spaces more energy efficient? *
12. Check off which areas you would like to learn more about: *
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