Covenant Workshop Absentee Thoughts
For those who couldn't join us in person/online on October 1st for our Covenant Workshop, please share your responses to the following questions below so we can incorporate your responses and thoughts into our data which will be used to draft the language for our congregational covenant of right relationship. 

Feel free to write in full sentences or use a bulleted list (or a mix of both). 
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Think of a group in your life that makes you really feel that you belong. Or a former group in which you had this experience. This could be a congregation group, your family or some part of it, a work group, your group of friends, or any other group you’ve experienced. 

What is (was) it about the group’s interactions that let(s) you know you belong(ed)? 


Now think about a time when you were in a group that was doing something hard or was in conflict, and the dynamics in the group were still good. This can be a time in the same group you’ve already thought of, or it can be a different group. But there was a problem or conflict or hard task, and the group interactions were good (in whatever way you individually define as good).

What did the group do that made this go well even when it was hard?


Any other thoughts about belonging or right relationship:

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