Co-design Quiz
Okidoke, so this is a quick recon mission into the depths of the human psyche to help me figure out what types of research and co-design tools would be most useful to craft and share with the world (and you). If you have any other questions or suggestions get in touch.
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A bit about you
What statement/s best describes you *
Where would you sit on the bell curve?
Bell curve: Rejecter or beginner in co-design = 1 and power co-designer = 5
How confident are you in co-designing? *
I'm still figuring out basics
I've done it many times before
Who would you be like to co-design with? What type of people or groups?
It just shifts the focus of the tools slightly, so if I hear a lot about a specific type of person I can call it out
Anything else you'd like to share about your background?
Co-design wishlist
What is the top thing you'd like to know about co-design?
What's stopping you from co-designing?
Types of tools (and which ones are important to you/ would you actually use)
Be honest
For you personally would you read case studies, arguments, articles and interviews with experts on co-design? *
Do you need help you get you started: Informed consent, research planning, workshop design and things to consider when creating collaborative spaces? *
Are you looking for tools and techniques for talking and explaining: Diaries and probes, provocations, cards sorting? *
Ways of making tangible things explain how things work today or co-create alternatives: Maps, collages, models,  mock-ups and lean prototypes? *
Facilitate with fun and get a bit weird by acting out ideas. Are you interested in role playing, improvisation, games, props or puppets? *
Which theme would be your your top choice? *
Final words
Are there any stories of anecdotes you have where you wish you had [insert tool, info, advice] to co-design?
All this aside, would you be open for a chat? Skype, call or email
Best contact details
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