2020 FGRC Student Application for Congressional Visits
The Fraternal Government Relations Coalition (FGRC) is looking for outstanding campus and chapter leaders to travel to Washington, D.C. to advocate for legislation that is important to the success of fraternity and sorority organizations across the country. This opportunity provides students with the unique opportunity to experience the nation's capital in a new way through direct interaction in the legislative process.

The FGRC visits will take place in Washington, D.C on March 30-April 1, 2020. You must be available to travel to DC during those dates in order to apply. All applications are due by 5pm Eastern Time on Friday, November 22, 2019. You will be notified in January regarding acceptance.

If you have questions, please email FGRC@apks.com
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Please select your undergraduate graduation year below. You must be a current undergraduate student at the time of the visits in April 2020 in order to participate.
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Who is the Member of Congress that represents your school? (Ex. Rep. John Smith (R-TX)) *
To find out your school's Member of Congress, please use this link and type in the school's mailing address and zip code. http://www.house.gov/representatives/find/
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Political Party Affiliation *
Your political affiliation is not a factor in the selection process. We simply ask to have a better sense of the political backgrounds of the collective student body applying for these visits.
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The following questions focus on your involvement within your fraternity/sorority chapter, on your campus, and within the political system. Please keep answers as brief as possible and follow the examples provided below for each question. Please only include relevant experience from your time in college, not high school.
Fraternity/Sorority Involvement *
Please list any leadership roles you have held in your fraternity/sorority chapter starting with the most recent/current positions. (Chapter, Panhel/IFC, Order of Omega, etc.) Please include the year and a brief description if the position is unique to your campus. Examples include: Chapter President, 2019-2020; Secretary 2018-2019; IFC Vice President, 2017-2018; Cardinal Cabinet Fall 2016 -- Community Service Chair
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Campus Involvement *
Please list your campus leadership roles starting with the most recent/current positions. Please include the year and a brief description if the position is unique to your campus. Examples include: Student Body President, 2018-2019; Vice President of Relay for Life, 2017-2018; Secretary of Campus Activity Board, 2016-2017; Teaching Assistant for Poli Sci 101 Class, 2016-2017
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Political Involvement *
Please list your relevant political experiences including but not limited to campaign experience, internships in the local/state/federal government; political organization involvement. Please include the year and a brief description if the position is unique. Examples include: Intern for Senator Sherrod Brown, Summer 2019; Vice President of the College Republicans; Worked on the gubernatorial campaign for Charlie Baker, 2017
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In one paragraph, please tell us why you want to be a student representative for the 2020 FGRC Visits. *
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