Redux Docs Redesign Survey
We're currently planning a revamp of the main Redux docs site at . Our current planning and discussion is at . We're looking for feedback and advice on ways to improve the structure and content of the Redux docs. We would appreciate both general answers, responses that are specific to the current Redux docs site, and links to other library docs sites that do things well already.
What content should a library docs site front page have? What are the highest priority descriptions, examples, info, and docs links that should be visible right away? *
Not Important
Maybe Important
Very Important
Tagline / short description
"Getting Started" docs link
API docs link
FAQ docs link
Github repo link
External support links (Discord, SO)
Installation instructions
NPM downloads badge
Current version badge
Tests status badge
Reasons to use it
Explanation of when to use it
Runnable code example
Links to tutorials on other sites
Other suggestions for front page content:
How should a docs site cover prerequisite concepts that aren't lib-specific, but necessary for understanding it? How should those be structured page-wise? Integrated right into a tutorial? Separate "Prerequisites" page? Detailed explanations, or just links to more reading? (Specifically for Redux, "prerequisites" would be things like immutability, `Array.reduce`, event emitters, and maybe higher-order functions and other array methods.) *
How valuable would it be to have guided "learning paths" for beginners, people who want to understand how it works, or people who want to use it in production? *
How valuable are diagrams and runnable code examples? *
What topics would most benefit from diagrams and examples? What are the best ways to include those in the flow of the docs structure?
How helpful is it for docs pages to link to other external tutorials and articles on a topic? Does having a "Further Reading" links section at the end of each page seem beneficial? How should other learning resources be integrated / linked from the main docs? *
Not Important
Maybe Important
Very Important
External links as part of the text
"Further Reading" at bottom of each page
Separate "Learning Resources" page
Top "Suggested Tutorials" in "Getting Started"
In general, what topics do the current Redux docs cover well? (Please link to specific pages if possible)
What topics are currently explained poorly, or not covered at all? (Please link to specific pages if possible)
What content or structure changes would be most beneficial?? (Please link to specific pages if possible)
What other docs sites should we take inspiration from?
Any other suggestions for improving the Redux docs?
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