The Wedding March Shopping Event App
I'm very excited to invite you to The Wedding March, a wedding themed shopping event presented by GPProductions Event! This event will run from March 1st-March 31st, 2018. The event is inclusive to LGBT people as I believe marriage should be available for anyone who desires it. The event is anything wedding and themed wedding items are highly encouraged, themed wedding sets are even better as people love themed weddings or color scheme weddings! I'm very excited about this event as I've not seen many events or hunts (really any but I'd imagine there has been at least 1-2 over the years) and SL weddings are still very popular regardless of your opinion on them. I feel this is a market that is severely under served and really can be a fun thing to create for! Engagement items and general romance items will be acceptable. Adult items are allowed as long as they are romantic themed or "wedding night" themed (like furniture with sex menu, lingerie, sex toys, etc). If you run out of ideas all items in solid white, off white or cream color will be allowed in any theme (example: all white summer dress or all white sofa). Multiple color fatpacks are welcome just make sure there is a solid white color in the pack and the item in the ad is the white colored one. Any pose or shape store must dress their avatars to match the wedding them or the all white clothing color theme for their ads.

Themed Wedding Inspiration Ideas: Beach Wedding, Halloween Wedding, Christmas or Wintry Wedding, Goth Wedding, Destination Wedding (Paris, Las Vegas, Tokyo Themed, etc), Traditional Cultural Weddings from across the world, Fall themed Wedding, Summer Themed Wedding, Spring Themed Wedding

The event will have 20 stores max:
20 prim booth - 350L (16 booths available)
40 prim booth - 650L (sponsor booth - only 4 available) Sponsors will receive large booths that will be colored differently than the standard booths, they will also receive top billing in the event gallery line up of product ads on the event page (if seraphim coverage is not provided) and a clickable ad on the sidebar of the event page that links to your marketplace OR in-world store.

Requirements of the eventt:
*You must have at least one new and exclusive item made for the event. (example: You release teddy bears and put a green one in the event. You may not put the green one for sale until the end of the event).

*Must be willing to provide your ads and price info for advertising purposes as well as your full perm logo to put on the booths.

*No sculpties, no bling/full bright that can't be turned off, no flexi prims, if doing system clothing or make up must also do at least 1 applier for mesh bodies or heads, no using textures you don't have legal permission to or didn't make yourself (example: ripping images off google or pintrest without knowing it's open source or public domain).
Absolutely no copyright infringement of RL brands including names of them (don't call your wands Harry Potter Wands - call them Wizard wands for example). Designers who break the IP rule will be asked to change their items, if they do it more than once they wont be re-invited to my events.

*Use of templates (clothing layers and pre-made mesh) are absolutely fine. Full perm stores and marketplace only stores are allowed as well (for marketplace only put event ad in picks with link to event website).

*All older items at your booth that fit the theme must be discounted by 25% or more to entice buyers.

*OPTIONAL: You may also put out a group gift for the GPProductions Event group and receive notice rights in that group.

*Set up your event poster as soon as you are accepted, have your items set up the day before the event starts unless you contact me about being late. People who are constantly late wont be re-invited to future events.

*Sponsor fee is due after your application is accepted, Victoria MacFanatic will tell you when to pay. No refunds for sponsor slots. Your store will be removed if you do not follow deadlines or break rules but your side bar ad will be left up if you paid.

*Event item(s) MUST fit the theme somehow, if you run out of ideas to do the specific theme suggestions then you must make your item in the color white or off-white or cream.

*Payment is due after you are accepted and you will be sent a welcome kit and group invite to rez. You pay by buying a box underneath the booth marked with your store logo then deleting it.

---I don't accept apps from stores who exclusively make gestures or have many items that are copyright infringement.----

There will also be a hunt called The Wedding Rose Hunt that goes with the event but is optional to join, the hunt items must be wedding themed or white/off white/cream solid in color (color fatpacks are welcome just make sure there is a solid white color in the pack) and priced from 1-10L each (up to 3 prizes out per store). No ads are required and items don't need to be new but must not be cheaper anywhere else than what you sell them for at the hunt (Example: white dress is free at your store, you can't sell for 1L in the hunt but white dress is 20L at your store, you can sell it for 1-10L in the hunt!). I highly encourage you to join the hunt as most make back their booth fee from hunt prizes alone. I recommend selling them for 10L and if you put lower priced items in them (example: 20L at store) put 2-3 items in each hunt prim.

Application link to The Wedding Rose Hunt -

SL avatar name of store owner(s) - NO display names: (this is the person that will be getting the welcome kit that includes things like the event poster and will be receiving the group invite to rez) *
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Store Name: *
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Store Slurl for in-world stores OR marketplace link for marketplace ONLY stores: *
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Are you willing to give out blogger packs? *
Do you wish to be a sponsor? (650L for 40 prim booth) - Only 4 available. *
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Do you agree you will make your item in the color white/off-white or cream if you don't want to do the specific themes (example: white shoes or cream furniture)? OR if you are a pose or shape store do you promise to style your ads in the styles suggested or in white clothing? *
DO THIS BEFORE YOU SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION OR YOU WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED!!!! Do you promise to go to the GPProductions Event HQ located at and put in your full perm store logo (no transparent backgrounds) and name it like this YOURSTORENAMEHERE Logo (example: {.Gross Princess.} Logo) into the RED mailbox? *
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