Startup Haven Membership Application
Startup Haven exists to connect venture-scale growth startup founders, execs and investors with education, opportunities and especially each other.

If you are interested in participating in a Startup Haven chapter, please review the following membership guidelines before completing this form. Most importantly, please be advised that membership is only granted to full-time, venture-scale startup founders and C-level execs and to active investors proactively seeking their next venture-scale investment.

Before completing this form, you should read and understand the following:

1) Startup Haven Member Requirements: (1 - 3 minutes)

2) Startup Haven Mission: (<1 minute)

3) Code of Conduct: (1 - 2 minutes)

Our membership requirement are strict and we make very few exceptions. If you believe your a good fit for Startup Haven membership then use this form to tell us about yourself.
I attest that I have reviewed the links above and I believe I am a good fit for Startup Haven membership. *
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