Winter Witchcamp Registration 2017
Sept 19, 2016 UPDATE: Camp is now full, and the waitlist is closed. Please only complete this form if you have an assigned role at Camp including Weaver, Kitchen, Teacher, Bower, or Joybligation. Thank you!
Magical and/or Preferred Name
This will be used in our communications. If you have both a magical name and a daily use/preferred name that are different from your legal name, feel free to provide both. If no name is indicated here, we will use your legal first name.
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We need your legal name for emergency purposes and also to match up your payments with your registration. We will use your preferred or magical name in all communications, and will not share this unless it's the only name you provide.
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Do you give permission for the Weavers to share your (magical/preferred) name and email address with other registered campers before camp starts? *
Select "other" if you want us to share a different email or name than those you entered above.
Emergency Contact Name, Relationship, Phone *
This must be someone who is not also attending 2017 Winter Witchcamp, for safety reasons.
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How did you hear about Winter Witchcamp?
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Are you new to the Reclaiming Tradition?
Have you ever attended Winter Witchcamp?
If yes, how many years have you come to Winter Witchcamp?
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If you have attended other Witchcamps, which ones and how many (approx)?
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If you are a returning camper, are you willing to be a buddy to a new camper?
Would you like to be a vendor, if space is available?
Do you plan to join a random or a pre-arranged/organized Affinity Group? *
Affinity Groups are small groups that meet at camp for one hour a day to share experiences and gain support. Traditionally they are randomly or magically selected on the first day of camp, however we honor those who wish to form their own groups around subject, identity, activity, or some other way of organizing. We'd like to get a sense of numbers for this prior to camp for planning purposes.
Access Needs
We strive to make our camp accessible in as many ways as possible. Regarding physical access, it will be winter in Wisconsin, there will likely be snow and ice, and it will be cold. The main paths will be shoveled and sanded, and between the dining hall and ritual hall you will walk on a wide, plowed road (that can still be slippery). Wearing boots with cleats for walking on ice and snow is one way to increase safety. Walking like a penguin is another way!

Safer scent-free/scent-reduced space: we ask that all Campers plan ahead and not bring or wear perfume, cologne, essential oils, scented body care products, or fragrant cosmetics or hair products. We provide scent-free soap and shampoo in all restrooms, and will share a list of scent-free products with you prior to Camp and will have some basic items available for your use.

We will do our best to provide for bunk needs as requested, but there are a limited number of low bunks in buildings with bathrooms attached. While answering the next few questions, please keep this in mind.

Also see our website for more:

Do you need a lower sleeping bunk for mobility or medical reasons? *
All sleeping cabins have bunk beds, and the upper bunks require some amount of upper body strength in order to climb the ladder. There is a limited number of lower bunks. (Select all that apply. Use "Other" to include additional notes.)
Do you need to sleep in a cabin with a bathroom for mobility or medical reasons? *
Two of our cabins have bathrooms as part of the building, but the other three do not have a bathroom (from these, it's a 2 minute walk to a luxurious big bathroom building with heated floors and multiple shower stalls). There is a limited number of bunks in cabins with bathrooms attached, especially lower bunks. (Select all that apply. Use "Other" to include additional notes.)
Do you need to sleep in a cabin that requires less walking to get places, or less going up and down hills for mobility or medical reasons? *
Three of our large cabin buildings are slightly farther away and require walking up and down a gentle hill in snowy conditions. (Select all that apply. Use "Other" to include additional notes.)
Do you use a CPAP (or similar) machine to sleep, or need access to an electrical outlet near your bunk for health or medical reasons? *
Electrical outlets are quite readily available in all cabins, but this is helpful for us to know to make sure you have easy access to one. (Select all that apply. Use "Other" to include additional notes.)
Would you like a "sidekick" to assist you at Camp with accessibility?
Sidekicks could help in a wide variety of ways, and it would be up to you to negotiate what you need with your sidekick(s). (Use "Other" to include additional notes.)
Describe any additional access needs or concerns
For instance: mobility, chemical or environmental allergies/sensitivities, Deaf or hard of hearing, blind or low vision, or other. Feel free to contact us directly at or (320) 428-0193 to discuss any access concerns.
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Joyful Obligations
At Winter Witchcamp, campers are an integral part of keeping camp running on a day to day basis. We ask all campers to take on daily tasks which we affectionately call “Joyful Obligations” that are usually chosen when campers arrive.

Joyful Obligations can take many forms. For instance, you may be folding napkins, doing dishes, setting up for a meal, chopping vegetables, sweeping, mopping, or vacuuming, or helping to keep the paths free of ice. In order to ensure that people with physical limitations are matched with appropriate tasks, this year we will pre-assign some of the Joyful Obligations.

If you have specific needs around the type of obligation you take on due to a disability or limitation, please let us know.
You can tell us here if you need a seated task, can’t lift things, can lift things but cannot grip things, etc.
Your answer
Are you a night owl? Or up to greet the dawn? Would you be happy doing your Joyful Obligations in the early mornings? Late nights? How about staying until 5 p.m. on the final day of Camp to help with packing out and cleaning up?
These are times that can be more difficult to fill, and we would love to hear from you now if you think you could do one of these!
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Food Needs and Preferences
The Kitchen Team creates a hearth for Camp that is magical and nurturing. We have group meals from Thursday dinner through Monday lunch. We do our best to accommodate dietary needs and preferences. Sometimes the Kitchen Team may not be able to fully accommodate your food needs. There is limited storage available for those with particularly hard-to-meet food needs, in case you choose to bring some items you especially need with you to Camp. This year, the Kitchen Leads are trying out a new approach to meeting everyone's needs. All ingredients in each dish will be labeled, so people can make their own informed choices during meal times. There is room for some flexibility in which dishes you choose, but we would like to know generally which type of meals you prefer or require. For more information on the Hearth and this new approach, see our website: (Use "Other" below to include additional notes.)
Daily Dietary Needs / Preferences
Food allergies (please describe)
Severe allergies should be listed if they are deadly.
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Transportation and Lodging
It takes a village to get to camp and sometimes that is a very creative village! If you are a returning camper, the Weavers ask that you check with local family, friends, or community members you know are going to camp for a ride and a place to stay if you are coming before camp. If you are brand new and do not know anyone locally, email us when you have your travel details worked out and we will work with our lists of "offering rides" and "offering lodging" campers to help get you to camp and/or find a place to stay. If you are flying to the MSP airport, please be sure your flight arrives either Wednesday night or quite early on Thursday, and your return flight is scheduled for late afternoon or early evening on Monday, or on Tuesday if possible.
Can you offer a ride to fellow campers to and from camp?
(Use "Other" to include additional notes.)
If yes, how many seats?
Your answer
And from where?
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Do you need a ride to camp?
The Weavers will assist in coordinating transportation for campers for the drive from the Twin Cities to Winter Witchcamp. We will contact you in January. (Use "Other" to include additional notes.)
If yes, from where do you need transportation?
Your answer
If you're traveling from a long distance or flying in, will you need lodging the night before and/or after Camp?
If you know you'll be needing a place to stay, check yes now. Then when you have your travel plans made, if you still need help from the Weavers please contact us with further details. (Use "Other" to include additional notes.)
If you live in the Twin Cities area and can offer lodging either before or after camp for an out-of-town camper, please describe what you can offer below.
Lodging can include either a pet-friendly or pet-free place to sleep, spare bed, sofa, or even floor space for those campers coming from outside the metro area. Also indicate which night(s) you can host. We will contact you if we have someone we can match to your lodging offer.
Your answer
Can you provide rides to/from the MSP airport to twin cities area homes for those coming from a distance? If yes, which days?
(Use "Other" to include additional notes.)
Agreement of Conduct
You are required to agree to the following statements in order to register for Winter Witchcamp. These common agreements help make Camp more accessible and welcoming for everyone. Thank you.
I agree to honor the diversity of the Camp community, the privacy of the work we will do, the sacred space we will co-create, the land on which we will work our magic, and the space and safety of my fellow campers. *
I agree to leave recreational drugs, alcohol, fireworks, and firearms at home. *
I agree to read all materials distributed before camp and will follow all rules communicated ahead of and at camp, including site rules, emergency situation rules, and path agreements communicated by the teaching team. *
I agree to leave my pets and familiars at home. *
If you need to bring an assistance animal for access reasons, please contact us.
Camp Fees
This year's pay as you can suggested range is $0 to $600 (with the approximate cost per person at Camp being $300). We are committing to this model for one year, WWC of 2017, in an effort to bring witches to Camp who might otherwise be unable to attend or for whom attendance is a financial hardship. We see this shift of our relationship to money as a powerful act of magic and trust in the abundance and communal values of our community. For more details:

Registration includes all meals, snacks and beverages, all activities, and lodging for four nights in heated, coed dormitory style cabins.

Registration amount I will pay *
Please indicate what amount you will pay from the sliding fee scale, from $0 upward. Please provide a single amount rather than a range (knowing this amount allows us to plan our finances for 2017 camp). If you are able to add more to your registration amount later, that is wonderful! Please email us at that point to let us know.
Your answer
Please indicate your chosen method of payment or confirmation
We will send you a confirmation email with instructions. After receiving that email, you must confirm within 10 days by paying your deposit (either 25% of your total fee amount or $50), or if paying $0, by sending us a response confirming your attendance. All Camp fees must be paid in full by Winter Solstice, December 21, 2016. You are welcome to pay in several installments between now and then. Please do not plan to pay at camp, and do not send cash through the mail. To find out how you can further support Camp, see our website:
Please sign
Typing your full name is your digital signature to this document
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Once you've submitted your form, your registration information will be sent to the Weavers and your spot at Camp will be held. We will send you a confirmation email with instructions shortly. After receiving that email, you must confirm within 10 days with a deposit (either 25% of your total fee amount or $50), or if paying $0, a response confirming your attendance. You will not be considered fully registered for Camp until you have paid the deposit or sent the confirmation. All Camp fees must be paid in full by Winter Solstice, December 21, 2016. Contact the Weaving team with any questions:

PLEASE NOTE: After clicking "Submit" you will need to scroll back up to the top of the page to see the confirmation message.

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