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Must be completed at least 30 days before the beginning of the desired course
Personal information will be exclusively handled by our administration office, according to the Italian privacy law (L.n. 196/2003)
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[1] only for students who travel together

the internet wi-fi is included in the price of the accommodation

during cold months, students have to pay some of the heating costs (price varies depend of the desired temperature and the used time)

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IBAN: IT50I0311168841000000005943

Via XX settembre, 10 - 62022 - CASTELRAIMONDO (MC) - ITALIA

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General Conditions
• Once Edulingua receives the registration form, they will send an email containing the instructions to pay the deposit of 185 euros.

• A confirmation email with the registration form and the accommodation booking confirmation will be received once Edulingua receives the deposit of €185. Payment must be made within one week of receiving the confirmation email.

• The deposit (-30% of administrative expenses) will be refunded only if the cancellation occurs at least 60 days before the beginning of the course (for no reason the deposit will be refunded after that date).

• No refund of the entire fee will be granted in case the student, for any reason, drops the course after its beginning

• A fee of 3% is charged for payments made by credit card.

• The balance must be paid on the first day of the course.

• The accommodation fee (included in the course price) must be paid separately. Any bank charges must be paid directly to the school along with the balance.

• Minors have to present parental authorization.

• Insurance: the students are responsible for any damage caused to the school property. The participants are not insured by the school in case of sickness, accidents, or robbery. The students must seek information from their local authorities to know if they will be insured during their stay abroad.

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