2021/22 VanCity SC Coach / Staff Agreement
Congratulations and welcome to VanCity SC!
Please fill out the attached form if you have already applied and were approved to coach and/or Volunteer at VanCity SC!

By volunteering for VanCity SC, you'll have the opportunity to share your passion for soccer with your players. You have been chosen because we feel you share our values of player development on the field, as well as helping players become responsible contributing members of our community off the field.

Please complete the Coach / Staff Agreement form below to complete your acceptance as a VanCity SC coach and/or Staff member and are contracted to from May 2021 - May 2022.

Thank you!

The VanCity SC Committee
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Team Age / Gender* *
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Team Name (Must be VanCity / Gender/ Birth Year / Name) *
(Example: VanCity G03 Hawks , VanCity B07 Velocity, etc..)
Coach License Requirement*
By choosing "Yes" you acknowledge you have, or will obtain an "E" or higher licences prior to the start of this year's fall season. If no course is available prior to the start of the season, you agree to take the first available 'E' course.
Coaches that plan to sign their teams in the "Premier" and/or WNPL/WSPL Brackets must have, or will obtain a "D" or higher license prior to the start of this years fall season. (You must have your "E/Grassroots" license for at least 1 year before qualifying to get apply for your "D" license.) Contact our club administrator if any questions.
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Coach Movement Rule Restriction*
By choosing "Yes" you acknowledge and agree to the Washington Youth Soccer "Official Movement Rule" for coaches, trainers, and managers. You also acknowledge VanCity SC's policy to deny movement of coaches to other clubs. This means you will not be allowed to form your team at VanCity SC and take them to another club. VanCity SC serves its members and we agree with the State of Washington that movement of coaches and teams is disruptive to our program and our members. (If you are unfamiliar with the rule, please contact the VanCity SC Committee.
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Financial Responsibility*
By choosing "Yes" you acknowledge and agree you must maintain team money in a "team" bank account. This bank account should be monitored by a team treasurer that is not the coach, and is not related to you. (If related, another unrelated person must also be listed on the account to review/monitor). It should have at minimum 1 additional person that can review the bank account statements. There shall be no co-mingling of funds between team account and any personal account. Money collected for the purpose of team administration shall not go into any account other than the designated team account. All checks must be made out to the team, not an individual. You also agree to the responsibility of paying any and all vendors in a timely manner. The team account must have funds available to cover all checks written against it. Any funds due to the club, i.e. registration fees collected, additional field, referee fees for some leagues/tournaments, etc. must be paid on time.
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By choosing "Yes" you acknowledge and agree to adhere to VanCity SC's Fundraising and/or Sponsorship guidelines.
Each Coach must review the Club Bylaws and Operations for additional information. To summarize, teams may hold club approved fundraisers without a formal request from the Club ( garage sales, car washes, restaurant % sales, etc.). If your fundraiser is outside of club approved fundraisers, a Fundraiser application must be submitted and approved through our fundraising committee. If unsure if your fundraiser falls into one of these categories, contact our VanCity SC Fundraiser Committee.
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By choosing "Yes" you acknowledge and agree to adhere to VanCity SC's Fundraising and/or Sponsorship guidelines.
Each Coach must review the Club Bylaws and Operations for additional information. Team managers must request approval from our VanCity Fundraising committee for all Interested sponsors of individual TEAMS. Team Sponsorships are not tax deductible and considered more of a donation (only CLUB level sponsorships are tax deductible). Official club uniforms may NOT be altered for TEAM sponsorships (only CLUB level sponsorships have uniform alternation approvals).
TEAM sponsorships may have practice tee and warmup alternations only upon club approval first.
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Team Formation*
By choosing "Yes" you acknowledge and agree to VanCity SC's policy on team formation. Details can be found on our club website. You can also contact our VanCity Committee for any questions on Team formation and processes.
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Team Name*
By choosing "Yes" you acknowledge and agree to use "VanCity SC" as your team name. You also agree that any additional name you use is subject to approval by the VanCity SC Committee. VanCity SC team names follow the convention: VanCity SC <year> <team name>, for example: VanCity SC G03 Hawks. Some tourneys/leagues may requirie futher abbreviations. This convention would be: VCSC <year> <team name>. For Example: VCSC G03 Hawks. Due to registration requirements or policy changes, this convention may change in the future.
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Team Management*
By choosing "Yes" , I agree to have a volunteer (not my coaching staff) handle all team management details. This includes but not limited to: Collecting team paperwork (US Club Registrations, Copies of Birth Certificates, etc..), headshots for player cards, team bank accounts, budget and fund collections, managing and responding to club emails, managing summer rosters, managing league rosters and updates, field requests, etc...
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Team Uniforms*
By choosing "Yes" you acknowledge and agree to use designated VanCity uniforms and approved vendors to purchase the uniforms. Non-compliance with the club approved uniform kit will result in game forfeit(s) including team responsibility for any league imposed fine(s) until approved uniforms are used. Team Uniforms CANNOT be altered in any way, this includes individual team sponsorships, etc.. Practice tees and warmups can have slight alterations approved by the committee.

VanCity approved uniforms must be worn at ALL games, VanCity approved practice kits must be worn at ALL practices.
If you have any questions, please contact our club administrator.
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Practice Fields*
By choosing "Yes" you acknowledge and agree to use designated VanCity Field reservations as covered by the US Club Soccer insurance policy. Teams may NOT practice on random fields of choice, as this may result in club reprimands from other clubs, groups, WYSA, US Club Soccer, etc.. Failure to comply may also result in players not being insured by our Club via US Club Soccer insurance requirements. This may also result in disciplinary action by our club to coaches and players whom break these rules., Up to and including suspension under playing through our club under the VanCity Soccer Club name.
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Code of Ethics*
By choosing "Yes" you acknowledge you will adhere to all state, league, and club code of ethics. When unsure whether an action adheres to the code of ethics, you will seek guidance from the VanCity SC Committee or will avoid the uncertain action altogether. Some example actions that you should avoid are: 1) Using fake or someone else's player card to allow a player to play who does not have their own player card present under any circumstance; 2) Actively recruiting players from another club during the season; 3) Respecting Referees and using sportsmanship during games.

These are meant to serve as a few examples, and is in no way a complete list of potential ethical violations. Please remember you are a role model to your players and a representative of VanCity SC, please act accordingly.
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