NOMINATION for Recognition as an innovative & inspirational Hawaii Farm to School Program!
There are many amazing farm to school programs across Hawaii! In the first year of starting the Hawaii Farm to School Program in Department of Agriculture, we have been hearing about a great many amazing farm to school programs which are:
* Connecting keiki to the 'āina;
* Increasing student health;
* Growing place-based learning opportunities for students;
* Connecting with agriculture communities;
* Buying locally grown food for student meal and snack programs;
* Teaching through school gardens;
* Growing career opportunities in agriculture;
& more!

We will be recognizing farm to school programs which inspire farm to school connections through innovation and leadership at the upcoming 2017 Hawaii Farm to School Conference with MVP awards.

Do you know about a farm to school program that should be recognized for their leadership, innovation, and inspiration?

To enter a nomination for a F2S MVP award, please tell us about these great programs by entering information below!

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