In-Person Satellite Host Registration
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Date and Time of Your Satellite Event *
Location of Satellite Event (Institution, City, State) *
Name and Email of Local Contact
This email will be contacted with all communications from the Satellite Team and public inquiries about your event will be directed here. 
Is your satellite event open to the public? And can the BCC list your event on the BitCurator Forum Satellites page?
If your event is open to the public, then we will list the date, time, location, and links to any local promotion
If your event is closed to the public, but you would like it listed on the Satellites page, then we will only include the date and city
Do you want the Local Contact information made public on the Satellites page?  If not, then inquiries about your event will be forwarded from the program committee to your local contact. *
Code of Conduct Monitor
This person will be contacted if an attendee at your Satellite contacts the BCC Code of Conduct Team.  Attendees should also be made aware that this person is available to address violations of the Code of Conduct.  Leave blank if this is the same person at the Local Contact listed above.
You agree for your host contact to join the BCC Mailchimp mailing list if they are not already a member. This is where important communications about the Forum are first shared.
As host of a BitCurator Forum Satellite Event, I agree to communicate with attendees: 
-  any known accessibility issues for getting to and engaging in the space, and how accommodations can be requested
- COVID-19 guidelines, which at minimum must be in accordance with local regulations
Is there any additional information that should be listed with your event on the BitCurator Forum Satellites Page?  For example: event title and description, links to local registration
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