Shooting Roots Core/Trainee Tutor Application Form 2019
Thank you for your interest in being a Shooting Roots Tutor!

Please note that these roles are voluntary. Both Core and Trainee tutors will receive a festival ticket, and will also be able to claim travel expenses (up to £50).

If you are unsure which type of tutor you should apply for, take a look at the descriptions on our website by following this link:

You will also find more information about what is happening at each festival in the Provisional Tutor Festival Info document here:

Please can you fill this form in ASAP, but definitely before MIDNIGHT ON 28th APRIL 2018. We will aim to send out emails with our confirmed tutor teams within the first two weeks of May.

**IMPORTANT** Although we try our best to get as many people involved as possible, we may not be able to offer tutor places to everyone who applies. This is especially the case this year as we will only be at two festivals, and we expect to receive more applications than the number of tutors we can have. Please don’t let this put you off applying, because there are many things we take into account, but do bear in mind that just because you apply doesn’t mean you are guaranteed a tutor ticket, even if you have tutored with us before. It is always a very difficult decision, but we need to try to get the right balance between experienced tutors and new generations of tutors, mixes of instruments/dance styles etc and more, and we sadly can’t always take everyone we want to! :( If we can’t offer you a place this year, please do apply again next year though, we still love you!

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Warwick Folk Festival: 26th - 28th July
Ceilidh Project - dance writing/calling
Ceilidh project - band
Sidmouth Folk Week: 3rd - 9th August
Dance (musician)
Open Mic
Is there any other information we should know?
Please tell us here any extra details of your availability, or any reasonable adjustments we can make that will make it possible for you to be a tutor.
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Extra: Would you be interested in helping us tutor Storytelling in 2020? This does not commit you to anything, it is just to give us an idea, and to help us send relevant information to the people who are interested.
Please describe any previous experience you have of running activities/workshops
This includes previous experience tutoring with Shooting Roots. Previous experience is not essential for Trainee tutors.
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Please give details of any skills that are relevant to the subjects you would like to tutor
For example: which instrument(s) you play, what types of dance you know, any particular craft skills etc?
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If you have not been a tutor with Shooting Roots before, please provide 2 references who have known you in the past 3 years.
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Are you able to come to the Tutor Weekend on 28th-30th June 2019 in Hathersage? *
Do you have any ideas for workshops/activities for the Tutor Weekend? Silly and sensible suggestions welcome!
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