GO Management Maintenance Request Form
Before you fill out the request form, please note the following:

1) This form is for condominium unit owners and GO-managed unit tenants ONLY. If you rent from a condo owner, you must contact them directly.

2) If you are a condo unit owner and your request pertains to an issue isolated to your individual unit (ie faucet leaks, appliance issues, lighting fixture repairs, etc) then the maintenance issue is your responsibility. GO Management cannot coordinate or authorize in-unit work.

3) All fields must be filled out or you cannot submit a request.

4) If you have photos to accompany your report, please email them to officemanager@gomanagement.net with your building and unit number in the subject line.

5) If this is related to paying rent, paying your condo fee, an assessment, or any other financial matter, you must email your questions directly to accounting@gomanagement.net

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