Questionnaire for Shipping Deputy Ministry - Digital transformation
We want to co-create our long-term maritime strategy with you. Please share with us any ideas, comments, and suggestions that you have. The following questions are just indicative for your consideration and are set out to assist you in providing your valuable contribution to this discussion:
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What are your views on the benefits and challenges of the digital transformation of maritime transport?
What are your views on the potential benefits and the potential challenges of autonomous ships?
What can SDM do to embrace technological changes and transform into a “digital” maritime administration able to provide quality services to the shipping industry?
Do shore installations (terminals and port facilities) proceed with appropriate preparations to be able to accept the ships of the future (larger, longer) or even autonomous ships for loading and unloading purposes in their area of jurisdiction? What needs to be done?
Do you think that minimum safe manning will be altered in the next 5-10 years in terms of number of crew on board? What about their training and competence levels of the crew, will that be altered significantly in the next 5-10 years? Will the seafarer of the future require a completely different training and certification than the current ones (different skills)?
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