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    What is the Stanford MSA?

    The Stanford MSA is a data aggregation effort to create a curated set of spatial and temporal data about mass shootings in America, taken from online media sources. It is an attempt to facilitate research on gun violence in the US by making raw data more accessible for researchers. The Stanford MSA is not a comprehensive, longitudinal research project. The data collected in the Stanford MSA are not investigated past the initial assessment for inclusion in the database. The MSA is not an attempt to answer specific questions about gun violence or gun laws.

    Status of the database

    The Stanford MSA is an ongoing project that involves the careful aggregation of data on a topic that receives numerous new records under the search term “Mass Shooting” on a weekly basis. Updating the database involves checking and corroborating both new and historical stories and is a time consuming process. Our goal is to release a new update at least once a month or more frequently depending on the number of new records.

    How to cite the MSA

    Please cite these data as “Stanford Mass Shootings in America, courtesy of the Stanford Geospatial Center and Stanford Libraries”.

    Database Limitations

    Data for the Stanford MSA have been collected periodically not constantly, as time and help are available, leaving occasional gaps in data collection that may go unremediated. The Stanford MSA aggregates incidents from online media sources only. Data in the MSA spans a time period that includes the transition from traditional media to digital media in reporting. Numbers of incidents per year should at least in part be assumed to reflect this collection methodology, and not just changes in incident frequency. The Stanford MSA includes only online verifiable incidents with 3 or more corroborating sources for shootings involving 3 or more victims. Victims do not include the shooter, and are not necessarily fatalities. Identifiable gang related shootings have been omitted in this collection.
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