Youth I'tikaaf 2019

IACC is hosting a Youth I'tikaaf with Mufti Wasim Khan the last 10 days of Ramadan, for Youth boys ages 13+.

When signing up for this program, please keep in mind the following:
-- This is a 10-Day program meant for youth who are committed to staying in the Masjid for all 10 days.
--Youth between the ages of 13 and 17 will need a parent signature on the liability release form
--Forms must be submitted in person in the IACC office. We will need a copy of your ID (parent's if under 18). Copy can be
made in person at the Office upon request at submission.
--The designated area for the Youth I'tikaaf will be the Glass Doors area (right behind the Main Prayer Hall)
--Youth in this program are expected to follow the direction of Mufti Wasim Khan in establishing a schedule of prayers and
worship while they are in the Masjid for I'tikaaf
--Admittance into this program is based solely on the discretion of Mufti Wasim and the IACC Youth Committee
--Cell phone use will be strictly monitored and restricted during this program
--Masjid itself does not take responsibility for providing food for any of the people in I'tikaaf

* Please have ALL forms filled out, attached with a copy of ID and submitted to the Office by May 21st.
* Before the first night of I'tikaaf, (Saturday, May 25th), all participants in the Youth I'tikaaf program will be required to attend a meeting right after Asr that day!

You MUST agree to all the rules in order to partake in this event.

*NOTE:* Submission of this form does NOT guarantee confirmation of your spot in the program unless you receive a confirmation email or some form of contact from the IACC Youth Committee.

Come make the most of your Ramadan by being a guest in Allah's house for the most important nights of this precious month.

Please email regarding any questions or concerns

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