Syracuse Flying Club Membership Application
Thank you for your interest in joining the Syracuse Flying Club!

Please complete and submit this form to the membership chairman by clicking the submit button below. You may also print/mail it c/o Tom Forleo, Membership Chairman, 6508 Electric Railway, Cicero, NY 13030

In addition to this form, please submit a copy of your pilot certificate(s) and medical certificate, as applicable.
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Your responses will be held in confidence by the officers of the Syracuse Flying Club, unless otherwise required by law.
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Required as you are being granted credit by the Syracuse Flying Club, as you are billed monthly following aircraft use
In which areas are you most interested in using Syracuse Flying Club aircraft?
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I have reviewed the bylaws and the standard operating procedures of the Syracuse Flying Club, Inc. I shall read, understand and abide by all existing bylaws and procedures, and any that may be enacted in the future. I authorize the Syracuse Flying Club to investigate claims made above as necessary. I agree that any and all expenses incurred by the Syracuse Flying Club Inc. to collect a debt incurred by me shall be included in the settlement amount. I certify that the information given above is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge, and I understand the agreements and conditions of membership. *
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