IT@school (3rd mobility, Mol)
Form for the students who have attended the 3rd mobility of this Erasmus+ (KA219) project.
We have created this form in order to improve, please be as honest as possible.
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1. The trip
Here you have the possibility of commenting any issue related to the trip (the organization, the flights, the time of the day, ...)
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Any comments about your trip?
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2. Your host family
You have stayed with a family for, at least, five days. Here you have the opportunity to give feedback about the experience.
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I enjoyed the experienced a lot
Any comments about your host family?
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3. The host school
You have stayed in Go! Campus Het Spoor for three whole days and we would like to know your impression about the school (the buildings, the resources, the daily routines on the school) and its people (pupils, teachers, staff ...)
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Any comments about the host school?
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4. The activities
During the mobility you have taken part on different activities, please rate them and provide feedback. Therefore first answer whether you took part in the activites of the older (2000) or younger (2002) group.
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