Fall 2018 Antioch CM Registration Form
Oct 5th-7th

The COST: $10.00

All payments need to be paid by check or cash.

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T-Shirt Size
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Times I will DEFINITELY be at the retreat!
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I can be the second person in transporting to the host homes.
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Cell Phone Number
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Emergency Contact
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Food Allergies
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I have completed the online Diocesan Protocol Training, "Safe and Sacred"
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I hereby consent and agree to hold harmless Saint Lawrence Catholic Church and/or the Roman Catholic Diocese of Lafayette-in-Indiana, Inc., and any and all employees or volunteers thereof, for any accident, injury or occurrence arising out of, or in connection with the aforementioned activity.
I have read the above and waiver and agree to the terms within.
I give my permission, in case of an emergency, to be taken to a physician or hospital by an adult retreat member. I hereby give permission to the physician selected by the adult retreat member to secure proper treatment for myself.
I have read the above statement and agree to the terms within.
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