Earth and Space Science Educators of NZ (ESSENZ) membership 2022 
Welcome all.
ESSENZ is now an Incorporated Society and we need to have a more formal membership.

Please could those teaching full Earth and Space Science (ESS) or some ESS standards, plus any other interested people, officially become a member of ESSENZ by filling out this form. The data that we collect will be used to determine what help ESS teachers need, as required by our Networks of Expertise funding.

There is no charge for membership in 2022, but we will be charging a small amount to cover administration and resource writing costs from 2023 onwards.

Please note that we would like each educator to register individually.
ESSENZ is moving to Google Workspace. If you can't access the Google resources that you previously could, please email Jenny at or go to our website  
Any problems with this form please contact Jenny at or Bruce at
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The nature or special character of your school or organisation, e.g. Primary (Years 1 - 6), Māori Language Immersion, Area School (Y 1- 13), rural and isolated, Secondary Co-ed, inner city, (Y9-13), CRI, University.
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In your current school, do you teach ESS standards within a 'general' science course or do you teach a dedicated Earth and Space Science course? *
Over the next few years, ESSENZ is able to fund people to write, critique and trial  new resources in the classroom, at all levels. Please indicate below if you are interested in helping with this. You may tick more than one box.
If you don't work in a school, but have skills that would help ESS teaching, learning and assessment, please indicate below. Write down any information that ESSENZ may need.
ESSENZ is intending to use mainly Google Meet for online meetings and webinars. Please indicate if you are able to use Google Meet, or, if not, what you can use.  You may tick more than one.
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