Alt-Ac Work and Gender

At the 2014 Modern Language Association meeting, I will be part of a panel called "Alt-Ac Work and Gender: It's Not Plan B." For my portion of the panel, I would like to draw on as many voices from those who are doing or who are searching for alternative-academic jobs. To that end, I've put together a brief survey and would be grateful for your answers. My plan is to incorporate some answers into my presentation as verbatim quotes; I will also summarize comments and refer to the responses in aggregate. After the MLA ends in mid-January, I will be posting my presentation on my blog: My aim is not a scientific assessment of #altac work but rather to create an opening for a range of voices to shed light on individual perceptions of these matters. For more information on this session, and my own relationship to these questions, see my MLA13 talk, "Make your own luck" ( or email me (

For more context, including a rough definition of what "#altac" is, see the MediaCommons project, #Alt-Academy (; you might also find useful Katina Roger's list of #altac resources ( Please note that I am not focused on the work of adjuncting here. There are many important questions to be raised about gender and adjuncting, but they are not directly within the scope of this project; I encourage you to visit the Adjunct Project ( for more on that subject.

Update to clarify: you need not be in an MLA-related field to participate!

With my thanks in advance for your participation-- Sarah Werner.

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