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Hey there!

If you're here that probably means you've got an issue you need some help with. Don't know how to approach your roommate about their mountain of dirty laundry? Concerned about the fact that your significant other waits 6 hours after opening your Snapchats to respond? Not sure how to manage your increasingly complex life in the face of a dispassionate universe?

Submit your troubles here, and it may be featured in the Talisman's "Ask Auntie Dillon" column, wherein I'll give you some heartfelt advice on where to go next.

When submitting your letter, make sure to include as much detail as possible — I want to be able to give you the best and knowing background really helps with that. Your letter will be anonymous, so there's no need to sign your name. And remember, if you need immediate, professional help, please go see the Counseling and Testing Center on campus or an outside therapist.

Much Love,
Auntie Dillon
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