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*** The impression should contain the information of 3-4 neighboring teeth from implant site & 2-3mm under cervical line of teeth
*** For free-end case, please take FULL arch impression of at least 6-8 neighboring teeth from implant site
*** When provided CBCT data have movement, low resolution, small FOV size not capturing enough working site,
we will contact your office for a retake within 24 hours of receiving CT scan
*** When impression is inadequate for guide fabrication, we will contact your office for a retake within 48 hours of receiving impression
*** When there are any metallic restorations on the working site (3-4 neighboring teeth on both mesial and distal side of implant site),
please place RESIN CONE markers before taking CT and impression
*** For edentulous case, please contact Neobiotech Digital Center to get special materials and instruction prior to CT taking
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